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Gaming An Outlet Not Just For The Geeks!

April 3, 2014

For years the gamer has been seen as the geek, the young men who sit at home alone playing on their consoles until the early hours of the morning.  Often depicted as an overweight spotty kid with no friends.


Over the last couple of decades gaming has become more socially acceptable with console’s such as the Wii enabling older people previously unable to understand the complex control systems to play with their families.  Last year games exceeded film revenues, evidence that gaming had become more mainstream.

However there is still an essence of the stigma of gaming that is prevalent still today.  Whilst I understand where some of the gamer stereo-types come from, it at times it can be a little ignorant.

I by no means expect to change many people’s minds,  however I wanted to highlight what I find so appealing about gaming in general and why I can easily waste a good few hours at the weekend on my console without worrying what people may think.

Firstly I’d like to make the point that gaming is now very social, yes you can still play single player games, but more often than not games today contain multi-player elements.  Yes you can find yourself in a lobby of young, idiots or aggressive hormone driven teenagers but I find the ability to simply mute this small faction means they have little impact on me.

For me what makes gaming so appealing is the ability to get lost in a game, completely forgetting any stresses of the outside world, much like a book or a film can do but there is just more interaction in gaming.  For instance I can come home from a hard day at work, angryperhaps someone has wound me up, simply switch my console on and lose myself in a Premiership football match, go to war against others joined by a band of teammates trying to become the leaders of the lobby.  It is just this variation and removal from the trials of everyday life that can bring so much fun.

Don’t get me wrong, this does need to be balanced with everyday life, we still need to get exercise, earn a living and socialise in face to face situations, but when there is not enough time for that type of socialising, an hour or two playing a game can give you that stress relief you need.

I have recently joined a gaming forum (Frugal Gaming) which I originally just joined for the cheap game listings and email offers, however this has since given me even more opportunity to meet like minded people for game nights, which makes the multiplayer games even more fun.

Whether you have never played games before, are a casual gamer or you spend a lot of your time playing games, don’t view these ‘gamers’ with any misconception.  They are just like you, they just have another outlet for all the stress of daily life.


The Way Games Are Supposed To Be – Mario Kart

April 12, 2008

It has only been a day since the release of Nintendo’s Mario Kart for the Wii but it has made me think about just why Nintendo is being so successful.  I am a late fan of Nintendo, after many years of parental influence that I should have not only a games machine but something that can educate too, I never had a games machine until I bought my own PS1.  It has only been in the last few years that I have fully jumped on board the Nintendo party wagon, purchasing both a DS and a Wii.

Even if you ignore the fact that Nintendo went with the more affordable machine compared to Microsoft and Sony, it is many other things that are proving to make the system so popular.  The obvious factor is the unique control system that Nintendo developed but it is not just this.

Take Mario Kart, not only does it include an attachment included in the price of the game which makes it feel so much more fun but the whole concept of this game is built around the essence of fun

Firstly this is a game for all the family, no violence or bad language but still open to all ages.  It is a very colourful game which enhances the essence of fun.

Then you have to consider the multiplayer essence.  Not only can you play against up to four of your friends in the same room but you can also play with friends or even strangers online in an up to 12 player battles.  Another feature which I personally have not seen before, which is pretty cool, is the option to play with a friend (in the same room as you) online against other people.  So you can have a friend over and then both play against people around the world which makes this even more fun.  The graphics, whilst not up to the standard of the PS3 or Xbox360 is just so colourful and fun that you don’t care about HD graphics.

Nintendo have certainly always innovated on fun games but they are definitely continuing to do this even today, this is a refreshing change from all the violent and dark games which appear to make up the bulk of other systems library’s.  Well done Nintendo and keep up the excellent work!