Expanding Your Gaming Fun – Socially

For many years I had only dabbled in multiplayer gaming, from the early day of running an ethernet cable up my parents stairs to my PS2 to play Tony Hawks multiplayer to the rare occasions I had friends over for FIFA nights.  I did however find that the majority of the time I was playing solo games.  I enjoyed this immensely and before the birth of my daughter this was probably how most of my spare time was spent when my wife and I were not busy.


However back towards the end of 2013 I joined the Frugal Gaming group.  Initially through their site looking for discounted games I discovered a world of podcasts (occasionally), forums and funny guys all with similar interests in gaming.  I began playing in regular game nights which opened my eyes to just how much fun it can be to play with people you know, well people you know more than complete randoms.  By knowing the guys it made the competition much more fun with banter throughout.


Unfortunately over time the Xbox One side of the group slowly declined with very few turning up to game nights.  I had taken over the organisation of these nights and it became increasingly frustrating with week after week of only one friend attending.  The guys running the site occasionally tried to lend a hand but unfortunately the members were predominantly PS4 owners.

It was sometime in 2015 when I decided to look for another home, having enjoyed the multiplayer gaming and the fun of the banter during game nights I was keen to find a new place to play.

I won’t go into too much detail on the next group I joined as there have since been issues with friends and the group, however they did welcome me in  and the leader was always friendly towards myself.  I did find however this group did lean towards the more serious and competitive side of gaming and with few game nights other than Battlefront I found it wasn’t really the place for me due to not being great at any games and at the time not a Battlefield fan.

However it was due to issue with friends that  something better came along.  Some kicked from this group and others leaving in protest started to break away from the group and initially ran the new group via whatsapp.  In the space of just a couple of months the numbers had risen and we had moved on to BBM as it was a far superior cross mobile OS app that enabled chat, events and signups on the go.

This new group became what is now the “Zero Fox Given” group, a nod to what had happened with the other group and also an indication of the humour within the group.  It was even decided to not call it a clan as we felt it indicated a more serious group than we actually were.  This group was much more open to all skill levels, backgrounds and just generally having a laugh whilst gaming.  There is usually some kind of game night scheduled and even when there is not you’ll soon find one of the group online willing to join in a session.zerofox2

Playing with the same people on a regular basis just makes the whole gaming experience more fun.  You get to know what winds someone up, you get to know about the people which makes the banter (or bantz as the group calls it) a whole lot funnier.  To play with people laughing together and not be plagued by the dreaded squeakers is such a refreshing experience.

The group have become good friends so much so that there is even plans for a meet up in the near future and I can honestly say that despite not yet having met these individuals face to face I would class them all as friends.

Gaming is definitely more fun with friends!



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