DLC The Good, The Bad & The Downright Ugly!

Further to my post a couple of months back regarding DLC (downloadable content) I thought I’d revisit the subject after the latest Call of Duty DLC “Apolcalypse”.

DLC is thriving and is an obvious way for companies to wring even more money from gamers.  There are many differing opinions of DLC and I thought I’d share my updated thoughts on the subject.

The Good

The DLC for Call of Duty has always been good in my opinion, yes there have been times I wished they would have more maps instead of Zombies but it has always had a positive affect on my gaming.  The reason I feel the Call of Duty DLC is such a positive thing is due to it’s staggered release schedule it constantly rejuvenates my love of the game.  If you’d asked me just last week about the game I would have told you that I had tired of the game and was no longer playing it that often and so much so I wasn’t even considering buying the new version “Ghosts” being released in November.

However the final DLC dropped including 4 maps and a Zombies game and my love of the game has been resurrected.  The 12 maps released over the past nine months have been a bit hit and miss with fans but I feel the final four are extremely good and I have really enjoyed playing them.

This type of DLC released sometime after the initial game release I feel is perfectly acceptable, time has been spent by the developer creating the new content and it injects a new lease of life into a flagging game.

Many developers use this staggered release to keep the excitement about their game going, which in turn benefits them as it keeps the excitement for the next full game release in a continuing series.

The Bad

Now some DLC I find particularly hard to swallow, to show I am not biased towards Call of Duty I refer to the camo DLC that is released fairly regularly.  All these releases are just different designs to put on your weapons when playing multi-player online.  Yes these are very cheap and it is purely down to the buyer whether they want them or not however I feel these should be included in season passes which entitles the gamer to all map releases for that year.  Season passes often can cost as much as the original game so bunging extra DLC on that is not included just seems greedy.

Another example of this is Forza and Need for Speed, you can pay to have extra cars.  Firstly these can give the player an advantage over people not able to afford to purchase these cars but also, should this not been included in the original game.  It seems that items that would normally have been included with the original game in the past are now purposely being held back to rake in a few more pounds/dollars!Forza_Horizon_boxart

Any DLC which give the gamer an advantage over other players should be banned in mu opinion, or at least make them a segregated, walled pool of players.  If little rich kids can pay to power up their avatar making them over power their opponents then this just isn’t fair to the gamers struggling to afford the game in the first place.

The Downright Ugly
I mentioned this in my previous post but it still continues and therefore must prove that people are still willing to purchase.  Day 1 DLC.  This is a pure money grab from the companies.  Content which should have been included on the original disc held back to cost the gamer more.  Now pre-order bonuses are ok, they encourage people to put their orders in early which is just good business sense, but to have content available on day 1 can be nothing more than greed.

With the introduction of day 1 game downloads coming on the next generation of consoles, will this mean a dilution of day 1 DLC or will it continue as it has done on the current generation of disc based games?  We will have to wait and see!


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