Gaming, Facebook and Twitter – Going Cold Turkey! (1 Week Offline) – Final Reflection


So on Monday I reached the end of my week off of Facebook, Twitter and more importantly Xbox.  Overall I think it was a worthwhile experiment.  I didn’t get any kind of withdrawal, and apart from occasionally reaching for my mobile to post something before realising I can’t I had no negative impacts on my week.

The main reason for this experiment was my gaming, it had become an obsession that was infiltrating my mind even when not playing.  This I feel has been resolved, by taking the week off it was not at the forefront of my mind and it allowed me to concentrate on far more important aspects of my life.

What I did find surprising was that on the day I allowed myself back on to Xbox, I wasn’t desperate to get back on.  In fact on Monday night I only played for about an hour before switching it off.  Now last night I played a little longer due to the new Call of Duty Maps released, but even then it wasn’t occupying my whole evening of free time.

So to conclude, I feel this was definitely a worthwhile experience and I achieved what I had set out to do, getting my life back.

A special thank you goes to my wife who made it easier for me and supported me throughout.




One Response to “Gaming, Facebook and Twitter – Going Cold Turkey! (1 Week Offline) – Final Reflection”

  1. clairelfoxhall Says:

    Ah! You are so sweet SXFOXSTAR xx

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