Gaming, Facebook and Twitter – Going Cold Turkey! (1 Week Offline) – Day 1

Day 1Image

As of this morning I made the decision to stay offline from my Xbox, Facebook and Twitter for the week.

To some this maybe seem a little over dramatic and to be honest it is a little embarrassing that I feel this is such a big deal, however I will tell you what lead me to make this decision.

I have always been your typical ‘geek’, keen to keep up with the latest gaming and gadget news.  I played a fair bit of Xbox on a weekly basis but nothing of concern.  However last month I had an operation on my ankle which meant I was slightly less mobile, I am not for a moment saying this is the cause of my concern but it did align with when my concerns started to increase.

I found that I started to play the Xbox much more than I usually do, this itself is not a major problem, I enjoy gaming and it is not doing any harm.  However I started to find that even when I was offline I was thinking about gaming, perhaps with all the next generation console news going around after the E3 expo it was also partly to blame, however I started to feel that it was taking over my life.  I always seemed to be thinking about something to do with gaming, whether posting a new video on Youtube or my thoughts on what I was going to play when I got home from work or over the weekend.  It was beginning to feel like it was distracting me from life.

My concern prompted me to do some Google searches of gaming addiction.  Whilst I was pleased to read that the fact I can resist playing for a day or two meant there was nothing too serious to worry about I was concerned about the offline distractions I was having from the gaming which was mentioned on many sites.

It was this that prompted me to make the decision to take a week off of gaming, to see if I suffered from any of the symptoms the addiction sites suggested (withdrawal, becoming irritable, etc).

With all the gaming news I get on Facebook and Twitter, plus my constant posting I thought it would be an ideal opportunity to take a break from these too (to my friends and followers, posts so I haven’t been on the sites to post this blog to them)

So today is only my first day but I have to say I feel good about my decision.  I felt an initial relief, like a weight had  been lifted, again this feels a little over dramatic for me to be saying, and maybe my posting of this blog is some kind of therapy, but this is genuinely how I feel and thought it would be interesting to share.  I have spent the evening after work catching up on a book I started reading last month and I am really enjoying it again.  So far I haven’t found myself scratching for things to occupy my time and I have found that my wife and I have perhaps talked a little more than normal (not that there was ever an issue there).

So it is only day 1, I plan to make some more posts on this topic, perhaps not daily as I can’t imagine it will be particularly eventful but I will post as the week goes on to update on my thoughts and feelings.

Thanks for taking the time to read and please follow if you enjoy any of my posts!


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