iPhone to Android – Nothing to Fear

It has been a month now since I made what I thought was a massive jump from IOS to Android.

At the time I spent much time pondering whether I wanted to take the risk of changing.  I used my iPhone for many things and probably used it for more functions than the average user. I finally, driven by cost saving made the leap to Android. At the time the Samsung galaxy S3 was on the verge of release but I correctly (as I can now confirm) realised the contract would probably cost the same as an iPhone contract. I instead opted for the S2. This was a cheaper contract and the phone was free!

As an aside I soon bought a better battery as the ultra thin S2 battery was very much like the iPhone, ie not very long lasting. Even with the new bigger battery it is still far thinner than the iPhone.

Instead of dragging this blog out, I will simply list the pros and cons I have found. All of which is purely my opinion.

You do need a slightly more technical mind. This isn’t a phone for a moron.

More risk of viruses and malware (you can counter this with the free scanners such as Norton).

You will have to re purchase favourite apps,I however had grown bored of most my apps so this was not a problem for me.

Bar protected iTunes tracks you can use all of your existing music.

Apps are near identical to ios (sometimes better) and where there isn’t an Android version I have always found a viable alternative.

Not restricted to the high cost same old phone. You can choose different brands and styles of phone with varying cost.

Need more memory just buy a nice micro sd card. In comparison, to upgrade from the standard 16GB S2 it cost me £7 to bring it to 32GB compared to the £100+ cost to do the same on iPhone.

I have yet to find anything I could do on ios I cannot do on Android.

So overall I am not saying in any form that the iPhone is a lesser product. I am simply saying there are alternatives and it isn’t as big a change as you might be led to believe by the Apple fan boys.Believe me I was one.

If you fancy a change, try it, you might like it, I definitely do and haven’t looked back.


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