Call Of Duty Elite iOS App Review

After nearly two months of delays the COD Elite iOS app has finally been released this morning.  I must say after an initial review I am pleasantly surprised at the amount of functionality the app provides.  There are already people complaining some functions are missing, but what you must remember is that this is purely a stop gap for when you are away from you PC.  With this in mind you have to be impressed with what they have crammed into this app.

Upon launching the app and logging in you are brought to this home screen which takes you to each of the functions.  As with the website I did find on occasions that my data would not load, however this was simply a matter of restarting the app and logging back in.






1.  Career Summary

This is a page I often log in quickly to the website to view to see if my k/d ratio has increased after a good session.  On the app it is impressive just how much of the career summary they have fit onto the app.  From your current rank to total k/d ratio it is all included here, and displayed very nicely on the small screen.




2.  Recent Matches

This page has a nice display of recent k/d charts with bars that can be selected to get more info on that match.  Considering the size of the iPhone screen it is impressive how much of the website has been crammed into a user friendly display.






3. Custom Classes

Now this is a feature that will probably impress most people as you can now change your custom classes when out and about.  Say you are out and you read something about one of the weapons or your friend suggests a new setup, you can now set it up on the go so that it is there ready to play with when you return home to your console.  This includes the full suite of class change functionality including the ability to rename the classes.  Simply make your changes then send to the game (as per the website).










This screen enables you to track your challenges and see where you stand in reaching pro statuses on perks, or next levels on weapons.  Any challenge can be added to a quick access list (denoted by the number in the top right of the screenshot).






Whilst there were a couple of times I had connectivity issues I am very impressed with what has been included in this app.  As long as their well publicized testing of data loads has been stress tested and these apps do not affect the main website I think gamers will be very please with this free offering.  Yes it does lack the clan functionality but the majority of users will not be too worried about this, plus this may come over time.  Whether you want to change classes or just prove your bragging rights to friends this is a very comprehensive accompaniment to the game.

Android version is due for release next week.


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