Video Games The Big Rip Off

As an avid Xbox gamer I love the hype surrounding new games and on rare occasions I will be someone who pre-orders games. I am however growing ever more concerned at the increasing ways companies are squeezing extra money out of the consumers.

Now in the last year more and more games have started to charge for use of their multiplayer servers. You usually get a free code with the game however if you purchase the game preowned or hire it you are more than likely not going to be able to play online without forking out around £5. Now whilst annoying I see this as fair. I do hire games and if I don’t have to pay to get online then the company is going to make little if not any money from my playing of their game which they have invested time and money into and I still have the option to not play online.

Download content DLC has been an increasing concern. Whilst on only one occasion have I purchased DLC it has become evident that companies are already setting out to squeeze more money out of you before the game has even been released.

Now whilst I can bare DLC that come out months after a games release to inject a new lease of life into a game you may have grown tired of, there is an ever increasing amount of DLC that is available from day one of a games release. Why couldn’t this have been included on the disc, if it is so good why wasn’t it?

This is purely a money spinner. When someone is having to fork out between £30 (for the savvy shopper) or £50 full price for a game, why should they then have to pay another £10 for some kind of extra feature? Also does this not also mean the companies will hold back on the good content in the main release just to entice us to part with even more of our money?

Another of these money spinners displayed in FIFA is the “Ultimate Team” game. This is a nice add on whereby players compete to earn virtual cash to buy packs of players and features to boost their teams performance. This however falls down when you see that you do not ‘have’ to work for these rewards but can instead purchase virtual coins to buy better packs and therefore better players. This then leaves all the spoilt little oiks freely boosting their team to make a team even a beginner can win with. What about us people who already stretched our budgets to the limit to just buy the game. Ok you can argue that maybe this adds to the game’s realism just like Man. City can buy their way to the top of the Premier league, these little oiks can too. But doesn’t this take away from the awesome competitive game this premise was built upon?

FIFA, I can live with as there are ways to boost your team through pure skills so the poor can make a slow climb to glory. However the next in my list of money squeezing issues is the new Call of Duty Elite Premium package.

COD has for a long time now had new maps released post game release to play multiplayer in. This injects new life into a game that you may have tired of. The free Elite service is very impressive with numerous stats and logs of your game play which is very surprising for the stat geeks like myself. However for the premium package which includes a few extras is the £30+ price tag fair?

Those who are good enough join clans. But now to do this you must be an Elite premium member. Ok fair play, it’s only going to be the hardcore gamers who want this. But then you see that to get all the monthly releases of DLC including new maps you need to pay this extra premium which in my case if I wanted it would mean paying the equivalent of the game all over again! Plus there is no guarantee as to what content will come and when. Maps, yes I have an interest in but I don’t want anything else. £30 for a game is ok, £50 a little steep, but £60-£80 is just ridiculous. If this new offering is a success you can be sure that the other companies will follow and where does that leave us gamers, poor or lacking content in past days would have been included.

I just hope this is not the start of the way things will progress going forward.

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