EA Games – No Manuals?!

I received my copy of FIFA 12 for Xbox and the game is amazing. Within the box it stated the manual was available in game. It also stated it was available online instead of accompanying the game in a supposed environmental effort from EA games.

After reviewing the in game manual which had a few useful pointers I wanted some more in depth information so went to the the specified website.

What I found was a list of two FIFA 12 related guides however there was no English option!

I have scoured the Internet and whilst I have found some fan guides I have yet to find the official manual. I have even tweeted the company, however they seems to be dealing with quite a few initial launch issues, so I don’t think the manual will be appearing anytime soon.

Whilst I understand most game manuals are pretty obsolete, I have always found the FIFA guides useful so to remove the manual under the guise of an environmental move is bad enough. But to not have one of the most widely spoken languages of the world not available as a guide seems pretty slack. Come on EA, usually I cannot fault you but this is pretty poor.

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