Google+ and Minuses

As a follower of all things tech I have known about google+ for some time now, even trying to signup when it was invite only. Well this week they opened up signups to the world which I did.

Well what can be said about it. Unlike Facebook the interface is much simpler. It suppliers the usual social networking features such as status updates, photos etc. The main draw for many however is the circles feature. This allows you to decide relatively easily, who sees what.

Whilst I agree this is far more simple than the nightmare on FB there are a number of issues I foresee with this new social network.

Yes circles are great but anyone with a little logical thinking can do the same in fb. I totally agree circles are by far the easier of the two platforms but this is supposedly the main draw.

G+ does have the vision to make your social network and Internet surfing experience merge into one neat place with many sites already showing the g+1 button which is the equivalent of a fb like button from what I can tell. But again fb already does this.

Now the iPhone app for G+ is a joy in comparison to the chunky, clunky fb app. However is this not just because it lacks many of the fb features of their iPhone app?

My concern is that if G+ does take off and is in fact the fb killer then won’t it also evolve into the identical twin of fb as it is now.

Also the signup from what I can tell requires a Gmail account, yes this makes integration very nice but there are many people who like their current provider, meaning they will not only be checking multiple social networking sites, but also multiple email accounts.

To top this off the people like me who have a GoogleApps email account (what I previous called the MobileMe killer) is not yet compatible with G+ meaning I now have two Gmail managed accounts as I was required to deactivate an old gmail account to be able to use G+.

Finally my main concern is that Fb has taken some years to rack up it’s user figures. I just don’t feel G+ is offering anything that would prompt the average user to switch. Yes I like the look of it but I do not want to be checking fb and G+ constantly. I especially see this issue with the older generation. My mother has only recently set up a fb account and has started to use it quite regularly thanks to her acquirement of an iPhone. But to make my mum change to G+ will be a very hard sell as all her friends are on fb.

Good luck to google, if they can pull this off then brilliant but I think this is going to be an extremely hard sell which I am surprised any risk analyst would have recommended they take. But here’s hoping.

Update – I think it could win over FB fans if it allowed you to shows your fb feed in google and easily update both without any downloads.

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