London Riots – No Justification

The recent rioting across the UK has just infuriated me in so many different ways.  I would firstly like to state how proud the majority of law abiding citizens are of how our emergency services handled the volatile situation.

The initial riots were  ‘allegedly’ in response to the shooting of a man by the police.  There were statements made that the man’s gun ‘couldn’t even fire’.  Well let me first make the statement that he had a gun in his possession, the police are not psychic and it is in this modern messed up world that the criminal supposedly has to fire the weapon before the police can return fire.  However if this man had shot an innocent bystander then I am sure the public and particularly the media would be complaining that the police stood by and did nothing.  In my opinion the man left his home in possession of a gun and therefore being shot by the police was deserved.  There is no justification to possess a gun on the streets and I feel the police should shoot him regardless of whether he fired first.

Then we had all the riots, people looting in mass, setting fire to building with people in, there is no excuse for this, people tried to justify the actions by stating there is a lack of funding for youth clubs, young people have no direction.  I never went to a youth club  but a simple football and a field was all I required to occupy my time and not once did it cross my mind to break the law.

A young chav interviewed said why should we respect the police as they do not respect us, what has she ever done to earn respect from the police?  Why should the police respect these criminals, I was brought up to respect the police, no questions asked.  Why do young people feel the need to have mutual respect.

Then there is the cases of human rights of the rioters, what the hell is the world coming too.  These people took no consideration of law abiding people’s human rights, they destroyed people’s livelihoods, homes and put other people’s lives at risk.  These people should not be given any human right protection.

Unfortunately in today’s world, and has already been seen they are being let off with simple 10-16 week sentences which will have no effect whatsoever other than to increase their rep with their low life associates.

What needed to happen from the start was for the government to authorise full force, water cannons and even plastic bullets.  This would have deterred these scum bags from attempting anything as they only felt brave enough to commit these crimes as it was en mass.

I pray that these low life are dealt with quickly and more seriously than is currently being reported to prevent anything like this from ever happening again.


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