Apple’s iCloud, Amazing But Concerns!

This week Apple announced their amazing new service iCloud.  I am not going to go into all the details of the service but it is basically a sync service for your digital life.

I recently posted regarding my move from Mobileme to GoogleApps as I was not happy with the Mobileme service which Steve Jobs actually joked about in the conference regarding it not being one of their best products.

However questions arose from the presentation on iCloud that I am concerned about, but I assume will come to light in time.

Firstly battery life, I have seen a couple of posts regarding this concern as whilst this auto sync is wonderful on your plugged in Mac/PC what about the iPhone.  iPhone does not have the longest battery life as it is, so if it is constantly auto syncing with the cloud will this not kill the battery?

Secondly will it be able to be configured so that it only syncs things we want and when we want?  Again this relates to battery life but also there is often things I do not want synced such as photos etc to my iPhone or songs which I have removed due to space but want to keep on my PC.

My final thought is that whilst no storage is secure, I can never see this being a complete alternative to Hard drive back up as I myself have fallen to the fate of the iphone losing all of it’s data and then syncing with MobileMe and then my mac, basically wiping everything of my personal data (I fortunately backup).  Most will be aware of this risk but the less technically minded of us may not be so knowledgable.

I’m sure all of these questions if not already asked will be answered in due course but I just hope that the answers are what I am looking for.


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