Falling Out Of Love With Apple

It was a few years ago I made the move to a Macbook, after loving my iphone I thought a Macbook would be a smoother experience for syncing etc.

I went to my local Apple store and bought a Macbook, slightly higher spec to the standard.  I loved it, it was all new to me being a long time windows user and I loved it.  All of the software included was brilliant and I was quickly able to find equivalents of windows programs.

A few years on and I have started to turn, I use my Macbook for a lot of things, including managing my Fantasy Football league, website and paying with music.  It is because of all of these uses that I grew concerned at the ever increasing price tag of Apple products.

I am/was a typical Macboy, watching the Apple conferences with excitement for the latest software updates or new products.  I own an iPhone4 now after owning every version since the 3G.  I still love my iphone and couldn’t live without it.

However these increased costs have become an overwhelming concern as I see that if my Macbook ever grinds to a halt it will be too expensive for me to quickly replace it.  To buy an equivalent Macbook now is going to cost me around £1200 which is far too high.

Another reason for my loss of love of Apple is that I feel their attitude is too exaggerated.  They try to make every new development sound like it is ground breaking and amazing.  Credit where credit is due they have made some awesome hardware and software but in recent times it just is not as good as they want us to believe.

The iPad for instance, it is just a big iPhone, you still need a Desktop/Laptop to load stuff on to it etc so i just do not see the point.  Also they promote the new developments as if they are ground breaking, e.g. when MMS finally came to the iPhone, they made it sound as if this was ground breaking, when in fact most smartphones already had MMS.

They also spend half their conference saying how much they’ve sold, particularly enjoying comparing to other under performing companies.  Yes I understand this is for the benefit of their shareholders but it just feels to me like over inflated egos.

As for my Macbook, yes it is still an amazing piece of equipment and I do love it, however it just does not feel worth the inflated price tag.  Macs have less viruses but this is because there are less people hackers can affect when spreading mac viruses so they tend to stick to viruses on windows PCs as there are far more people to infiltrate.   Yes the OS is a cleaner system but it does still crash on occasions   I am trying now to sell my Macbook which would enable me to purchase a decent Windows Laptop and the additional software that isn’t included as standard.  Also a windows PC has far more choice of software available which as someone who likes new software, I would have a wider choice on windows.  I have already had Macboy friends trying to talk me out of converting back to “The Darkside” but I just cannot see that the slightly smoother and often nicer OS is worth the 3x price tag.  If I can’t sell my Macbook I may just be forced to stick with it, but only time will tell.


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