Facebook iPhone App – What’s App-ending?

It has been a while now since @joehewitt left the development of the iPhone’s facebook app and it would appear all is not well.  There have been a couple of updates which have been bug ridden.  The latest doesn’t allow you to upload all photos as you could do before and the push notifications are soundless despite having the option to have sound.  I have scoured the internet trying to find news on when the next update will be.  Previously Joe regularly updated the facebook fan page as well as regular tweets as to the progress and new features he was developing.  Since his departure the iPhone app news has gone dead.  I have seen numerous queries regarding all the bugs and when the next update will be but no-one seems to know.  I realise Facebook won’t lose users through this but it is a real shame that such a popular apps development has gone from exciting and informed to buggy and no news.  We can only hope someone at Facebook comes to their senses and puts somone in charge with the knowledge and innovation to get us all excited again!


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