Locational Social Networking – Too Many Coming!

As a fan of new technology, blogging and social networking I have been keeping a keen eye on the next networking fad to hit the UK shores.  

Google Latitue

Google Latitue

This type of networking has been established in the US for some time now but has yet to fully reach the UK shores.  This new form of social networking allows users to upload and download their location and see updates from people in their local area. This can also be used to find out if any friends are nearby with the pretence of meeting up socially.  However I have already seen two of these sites that are making their way to UK shores Loopts and Google Latitude.  Google is already active but until it is available on the iphone it is of little interest to me but this development is on it’s way.  The problem I have however with this is that like social networking, there are many different sites offering similar services.  In the case of social networking we seem to have three winners so far, Myspace for mainly music and entertainment users, Facebook for everyone else including your parents and then Twitter for people wanting to coninually say something and also to cyber stalk their favourite celebrity.  Facebook did try to step into the Twitter user arena with some changes to it’s service but this does not seem to have taken off.  Even with these three you find friends are often found at just one and I know from my own experience it can become tedious to check all three for friends updates, so I tend to use them all for different purposes.  Facebook for keeping in contact with friends, Myspace to keep up to date with my favourite bands and then Twitter to see what celebrities are up to.







Don’t get me wrong I will be on the band wagon for these new locational social networks but how do you choose which one to join?  In the end it will probaby be down to the new reports on the sites as it would seem the more publicised the site the more users and thus the more of your friends you will find using a certain site, but until this happens you will find, especially in the case of the locational services that you will be checking various sites to find out if your friends are about and even then who has that many friends who would update their location enough to make it useful?

We will have to wait and see!


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