West Ham Utd. – Swedes Just Out To Make A Quick Buck!

Well it was confirmed yesterday that West Ham have given the go ahead for Sunderland to approach Anton Ferdinand.  This deal however makes absolutely no sense what-so-ever.  West Ham as many people know are struggling for a second season with multiple injured players.  This is especially an issue in defence, with the manager Alan Curbishley making statements on TV that he can not afford to lose anymore players.

So why is it that after a dismal result at Manchester City they announce that Anton Ferdinand is free to go to Sunderland?

The only answer I can find is that the Swedish board are just out to make a quick buck.  If they were looking at a more long term future then surely they would want to keep any defenders they have until the current injury crisis resolved itself.  This however is a sign of the times in the Premier League whereby foreign investment is purely about making money and the strength of the team is a secondary consideration.

Also with a weakened team how can anyone expect the manager to get the much needed wins?  You do not need a crystal ball to see that Curbishley faces many months of trouble with a lack of depth in the team,  which is needed to cover the numerous injuries the team keeps facing.  This will then lead to many losses and eventually the Swedish board will use Curbishley as their scapegoat for the errors they have made in trying to make money. 

Don’t let these business men ruin what we all know and love as “The Beautiful Game”.


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