BBC Fined – But Who Wins?



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It was today announced that Ofcom was fining the BBC £400K for various false phone in competitions.  However with the limited research I have done I cannot see who will see any benefit from this.  Whilst I agree that these phone in competitions were misleading and unfair I can only see how this record fine is going to affect the people it is supposed to be protecting.

I have been unable to find who will receive the £400K but various charities were part of this scandal and this makes the BBC face the choice of taking from the charities or financing the fine themselves.  Obviously they will go for the latter choice.  Therefore this will mean the honest licence payers of the country will face one of two outcomes.  Either the BBC will yet again hike up the TV licence fee, which has already seen large increases over the past few years or they will have to reduce the number of services or quality of programs they produce. So what is the point of this fine?  I can understand that after fining ITV they could not possibly treat the BBC differently, however the BBC is a public funded company so why cause the public to endure a record fine, why can’t they just enforce a smaller fine which makes their point and keeps things fair without having a major impact on the people it is supposed to be protecting?

I may be proven wrong on this if the money goes to something to benefit the public, however I can only guess that this money will go to funding Ofcom and all the wonderful things they do such as investigating every old woman’s complaint about something they have seen or heard on TV.  Yes we do need a watch dog to make sure standards are kept and rules are followed but surely there is a better way!


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