Hairs on The Back of My Neck

The Prodigy

It was Tuesday of this week that my mate sent me an email with a link to some footage of my favourite band “The Prodigy” performing at T in the Park.  It has been about three years now since their last release so I quickly viewed the link.  I have always been a fan and I absolutely love the energy from their songs, these are songs with a slight feel of aggression which is very powerful, especially when heard live. 

The first song shown from their performance was a new song called “World on Fire”.  It was a return to their old form, fast powerful and made me want to go out there and then to a club!

However despite the excitement of hearing a brand new track it was one of their classics that made me experience the common saying of the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.  The track was “Firestarter”, I am not sure if I have experienced this before or not but listening to this track on my Mac with my headphones on I suddenly felt my hairs rise and a feeling of excitement came over me.  I am known amongst my friends for my weird dance to this track so it does hold a place in my heart but it is the pure energy from this track that makes me (often in front of friends families and complete strangers) forget my embarrassment of dancing in front of people and just lose myself in the song.  Watching it on the BBC’s iPlayer reminded me of concerts I have been to over the years and it has just re-ignited my desire to attend another.

Sometimes I can understand some bands reluctance to play on TV as with today’s technology people can quickly distribute the recordings around the world, however in this case I can safely say that the few songs that were shown have just created a massive excitement about the forthcoming album which hasn’t even been mentioned as being released anytime soon!

It is songs like this, that make you forget about your day-to-day life and just lose yourself, if only for a few minutes that make music a wonderful thing.

Should I still behave like a mad man to these songs at my age, who cares, just lose yourself in the music!


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