New Web Domains, Why, Why, Why?


So I was reading the BBC website today BBC Technology News and read that they have approved a change to the way the internet addresses can appear.  Currently the majority of addresses end in .com but there are also country specific ones such as  The debate to open up the available .com endings has been going on for many years with the Porn industry being one of the main forces trying to get a .xxx domain established which many would see as a positive thing as it makes it easier to block explicit content and no-one would accidentally stumble upon these sites as it will be obvious what they contain.  

However, it would appear that they have now agreed to open this up and for a few thousand pounds anyone can create their own domain.  I see a number of issues with this.  Firstly this will open up the “entrepreneurs” to buy all domains that are probably wanted by real companies and therefore push the cost up, which is exactly what the regulators tried to stamp out a few years ago after the .com boom when people sold web addresses to companies in an effort to make money.

Secondly many people find it hard enough to remember web addresses (not me personally) and if you forget the address of a company you can often guess it’ll be the company name plus .com at the end.  If this is opened up to be anything then how the hell will you guess what the actual address is, instead people will have to use a search engine every-time.

I agree domains such as .xxx are a good idea as it makes protecting children from explicit material easier but I think that there should be a forum for groups to appeal for new domains to be created, but to let anyone create a domain name is just thoughtless and in my mind a very stupid idea!


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