.Mac and Mobileme – Cost Frustration




I have now been a .mac member for approximately 16 days now, enjoying quick and easy publishing of this blog and photo galleries to name but a few features.  

I quickly used up my trial 100MB storage and so wanted to upgrade.  The issue is that if I upgrade my .mac account today it will cost me £69.99.  It will also be upgraded to mobileme when it is released on the 11th July, however my issue is that if I wait until the 11th July I can get the improved mobileme package with greater storage etc for just £59.99.  

So I am stuck having to restrict what I upload until mobileme is released or pay an extra £10 for just a couple of weeks of usage.  I contacted Apple to see if I could be offered a .mac upgrade at the mobile me price under these circumstances and I got an immediate no.  You’d think they’d want to encourage new members but it would appear otherwise!   


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