Nintendo Stars, Now Get Something Useful!

Wii Points

You may have noticed with a lot of Nintendo products you get a scratch card that when scratched reveals a code.

These codes once converted to stars used to be able to be used to just claim crappy things off of the Nintendo website such notepads, stickers, etc.  However this has now changed, you can now exchange the stars from the Nintendo website for actual Wii shop points.  Below is a guide on how to turn the codes into stars and then the stars into Wi points which you can then use to buy old classic games such as Streetfighter, Mario or the new WiiWare games which have recently become available on the Wii Shop channel.

Basically register at and enter all your codes from the cards in Nintendo products which then give you varying amounts of stars.

Now to turn our stars into points visit and log in with your Nintendo website login.

Now the hard bit.  On the home pages will be a list of varying Wii points you can buy with your stars, however these sell out almost instantly it would seem as I have been checking at various times throughout the day and have only once been on when any points were available.  When I was on they only had the 100 points card available and it only lets you buy one a day!  Anyway you may get lucky and find one of the larger cards available.

Once you buy the card (using you Nintendo Stars) login to the wii shop channel on you Wii and click redeem points and enter the code from the webite.

Happy shopping!


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