iPhone 3G – Now It’s Something To Shout About

Iphone 3G


So the latest apple announcements have been made, and this time I have to admit that I am very intrigued and somewhat excited about the latest iPhone developments.

Previously I stated how the hype surrounding the device had been blown out of proportion however it seems that in less than a year Apple has actually listened to customer feedback and taken some very positive actions towards creating a device that people really want.

One of the major issues with the original iPhone was the incredibly high costs.  And as I stated in my “Tech No Savvy” blog, by just waiting a year they have chopped the price right down.  This therefore has enabled the only UK carrier with the iPhone, O2 to be able to offer the phone free on some contracts or at a small fee on others.

Another issue I had with the iPhone was the distinct lack of 3G networking, this again has been addressed.

The final “show-stopper” for me was the lack of push email, which I currently have on my blackberry.  In their announcement Apple appear to have addressed this with their introduction of “Mobileme”.  This service is an upgrade to their .Mac service which previously involved a yearly fee for services such as web-space, photo galleries and email.  The upgrade now allows you to be able to sync contacts, calendar, and addresses between Macs, PCs and iPhones.  It also allows you to have push email to the iPhone.  This all sounds fantastic and a definite step towards me considering an iPhone.  

There are however a number of questions arising from these announcements for me.  Firstly can it forward emails from accounts such as Yahoo and Hotmail like the Blackberries can currently do?  Or does it mean having to use your new mobileme email account to pull in the emails from other accounts before they can be pushed to your iPhone as this is not ideal?

Secondly on blackberry services mobile networks charge an extra fee for the push email service, but with the “Mobileme” service you have to pay £59 for this service so in my mind surely they can’t then make a further charge from the mobile network, or can they, as Mobileme is an Apple service which would then use the mobile network?

These are just many questions that I’m sure O2, the only UK mobile network operator with the iPhone will be answering over the next couple of months, although if their customer services is anything like I remember from two years ago then I doubt anyone will get a decent answer to any of their queries.  I have submitted my questions today so we will have to wait and see.


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