Head Hunters Misfiring

I do not know how common place this is for people not working in the city but I find that I am regularly contacted by self proclaimed “head-hunters”.  My issue with these people is that they have a one in ten hit rate for finding people that are even marginally suited for he role they are looking to fill.

I find that the following scenarios are too common to be just relative to my own situation.  More often than not these head hunters will telephone you at work and proclaim they have a job ideal for your current skill-set before they even know what these skills are.  As  far as I can deduce, the hunters look purely at your job title and then try and link it, however loosely to the job they are currently trying to fill. 

I can understand that they may find themselves trying to fill a role that they do not have obvious candidates for but my question is why that when you make it obvious the role they have is of no interest to you that they then continue to try and make it sound more interesting than it actually is.  I have often found that saying am not interested leads to them quite rudely continuing their line of questioning when the call should finish there and then allowing them to continue to their next victim, sorry prospective candidate instead of wasting both your and their time.

On rare occasions I find that I am interested in the role but I find that getting any further information on the role is near impossible. With job descriptions they send airing of desperation and marketing to draw you in when quite clearly it is not as great and rosy as it all sounds.

First of all, at the end of the day the main factor that will draw you from your current role is salary and benefits.  In my mind a role should be pre-evaluated as to what it’s salary should be along with the benefits offered.  Instead the salary is rarely mentioned and the benefits are often bounded in with the salary to make it sound far better than it actually is, leaving the candidate either without a clue or a long job evaluating whether the financial situation is in fact any better than their current situation.  I understand employers want the best candidates at the lowest cost but the salary range should be stated quite clearly from the start ad not be based upon you current situation which leaves me feeling that the salary is nothing to do with the role advertised but more on how much it will take to get me away from my current employer.

This leads me on to my next point, we all realise that this ‘head-hunter’ will be paid a commission on recruiting you into the role, therefore the more often they can get people to move the more money they make.  Hence I feel that these leeches from an employers perspective are both an ally and enemy.  These people will help an employer obtain a new employee, but at the same time they will possibly be the person to take that employee away from you at a later date with the lure of a higher salary elsewhere.  Also this causes a situation where you can tell that an agency will put you forward for pretty much any job they feel their is the smallest possibility of you getting, just to spread their odds of getting a commission from a role that they are probably competing to recruit on with another agency.  I have found myself in interviews for jobs that I obviously have no skill-set for but the agency has taken the stance that I am in the right industry so that will do as a prerequisite for me to apply.

Also these agencies pretend they are fully aware of individual companies recruiting processes and give you what I have since found out is a generic interview aptitude test leaving me fully prepared for a test which is nothing like the actual questions or tests I am put through on the day of the interview.

Head-hunters, do your jobs, tell the candidates exactly what the job entails and give the employers the candidates they really want!


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