One of Those Days, Look On The Brightside

You often know when it is going to be one of those days, you don’t know what it is, you just have a feeling.  Mine often starts with a night of light seep where one thing or another keeps you up so that when you wake in the morning you feel like crap.

You drag yourself into work and on the day when you’d like to get in just in time the trains are running fine and you get in extra early, whereas on days when you want to be in early the trains are up the shoot leaving you fuming for the day ahead.

Fortunately work wasn’t too bad, lots to do to keep me busy so the time went pretty quickly, unfortunately despite a work load piled high I am asked to go to a meeting which whilst I can see the idea is is well intentioned is of no use to me and a waste of my working day.  However in these times you have to make the effort and not reject opportunities that come your way in case you are overlooked when something useful comes up at a later date (although in my case I often feel I am always overlooked for the good stuff and only called upon when no other bugger will go). 

This meeting was alright but I couldn’t help my mind wandering thinking about the work I had back at my desk that I could have been doing at the time.  Anyway this meeting went on past my usual working day but that is not a major issue as the majority of the time my work finishes on the dot which in these modern times is an unusual thing.

So I started my journey home, upon arrival at my main line station a train had just pulled in but I cold not see where it was going and didn’t want to take the risk, plus I thought it would only be another ten minutes until the next train.

This is when I find myself running from one platform to another wondering why each time the train to my destination is not there.  I even ask a member of staff which platform my next train will leave from only to find yet again I have missed it.  Three missed trains later I notice the time on my mobile, which doesn’t match my watch, it turns out my watch has been running ten minutes slow and hence why I keep missing my train

So now with my watch corrected I now proceed to what I think is the correct platform for my next train.  Whilst waiting I even have the time to check the time of my next train on my phone.  The time grows closer and suddenly a different train is announced one minute before mine, ‘Jesus Christ’ I mutter and proceed to run as hard and fast as I can to the other platform.  As I run up the stairs for what feels like the tenth time I gladly see the destination I want on the front of the train just arriving.

I am absolutely exhausted and fed up but the gods must be smiling on me as there is even a seat on the train.  I collapse into it and start to watch the rest of my Tv program from this morning ad then type out this blog entry.  However, five minutes pass and the train has not moved, what the hell is going on now?  The driver then announces that there is a problem with one of the doors and would passengers mind ‘kicking the door’ to make them close!  Another five minutes pass and at last the train starts to move.

After the day I’ve had I could scream and be in a bad mood but looking at it more positively I am now sitting on the train and I will shortly be home.  So if you think you’re having a bad day just remember there are always people in a lot more stress than yourself and that you should just take a deep breath and let your troubles go.  I find this very hard to do and can often be seen losing my rag over the simplest of things, but today has just got to the point where I don’t care and I am just looking forward to getting home to my fiancee.


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