Macs and Viruses



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One of the many claims Apple makes is that the Macs are less vulnerable to viruses.  Whilst the facts confirm this, there has been much talk about the new operating systems and processors opening Apple up to viruses which they are allegedly not prepared for.  

You can buy Norton Anti-virus for the Mac but one of the appeals of this machine is that you don’t need to use this resource hogging piece of software.  However have these times changed?


My question has always been, is the lack of viruses on the Mac simply a case of hackers wanting to hit the larger market of windows operated PCs?  Is it simply a case that with a smaller market share, the virus creators did not target these machines?  With Apple’s share of the PC market rising at a greater rate in recent times is there now a case for protecting your Mac against these viruses and thus slowing your system down?


We can but hope and pray that this is not the case but if it is then we must hope that it is Apple that create the antivirus software that runs quickly and smoothly on their own operating systems unlike the third-party add-ons of Windows based PC’s.


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