The Big Mac Vs PC


I have been a PC user for many, many years and always thought of Apple Macs as a machine that was a poor substitute. This opinion I have read on the web to be fairly typical of PC users who have never experienced a modern day Mac.

My opinion whilst not completely unfounded was based on University Macs, of which there were only 5 or 6 and were in hindsight very low spec and not correctly setup. It was however these Macs that have tainted my opinion of Macs for many years.

Recently I have started to find myself increasingly intrigued by these mystical machines that the actual users promote as the best machine they have ever used. I have done a fair bit of research on these machines and found out just what an all in one package they are. This is before I even start talking about how cool they look.

On a recent shopping trip a friend and I visited the Apple store in Lakeside, my first time in one of these stores and I was amazed at how cool all of the devices looked. I have been a long term fan of the iPod but had neverconsidered using a Mac for the reasons mentioned above. However on this trip my friend and I took a close look at what these machines can do.

My friend was interested in a desktop version, the iMac I believe it is called. This machine was all contained in the screen itself so already very mobile within the house, the price was also reasonable, whilst higher than a PC it already contained all the additional software you’d probably have to buy to have an equivalent.

I did find it hard to compare to a PC as my limited research had educated me that Mac’s do not need to be as high spec as a PC to outperform. However the Mac did look very cool and have all of the functions my friend required.

I myself was looking more towards the laptop versions of the Mac, the the Mac Book and Mac Book Pro. The new Mac Air whilst impressive was just too expensive for my requirements and if I was to continue to use a PC as well as a Mac I would need the CD drive.

The Macbooks were all very cool and it did even cross my mind that when I come to replace my desktop PC then maybe an iMac would be the way to go, however, there is still one thing that concerns me and that is “compatibility”. 

As a self contained unit the Mac is undeniably a very cool and comprehensive piece of machinery however, despite the growing popularity I have some concerns. My friend for example is a light user only using theirPC for photos, music and browsing the net, which makes the iMac ideal for them. However for myself I am a heavy, gaming user and whilst I can see that most of my demands would be met by an iMac the biggest downfall is the games. Whilst I could comprehend that the new top spec games would not be on Mac at this time, I could not understand how a machine like this does not even have low spec games such as Fifa. True some games are coming out on the Mac but these are compared to PC’s quite old and not up to the same standard.

I have since initially writing this blog discovered that Macs can now boot up into Windows as well as the default operating system therefore making it game compatible which is amazing!

So in my opinion whilst the Mac looks and feels a great machine, there is still an overwhelming issue of the PC’s dominance in the world making Mac users have to use poor substitutes so that they can share their documents with the world, which is a little annoying, also the Mac is a long way from being a cool games machine although this is something even now I can see being resolved within the next ten years, and until then we can use the new dual boot into Windows XP for games which makes the Mac extremely cool and mighty!


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