The Problems At West Ham Utd.



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As a West Ham fan since I can remember it has never been a smooth ride. In recent times we had much expectation with the new money coming into the club but this does not seem to be coming to fruition. It does annoy me though that yes we have had three straight 4v0 defeats on the trot but already the newspapers are prospecting the sacking of Alan Curbishley! 

Whilst I admit I wasn’t overwhelmed with the appointment of Curbishley, he has not done a bad job at the club, we are in the top half of the table. He made some unusual purchases but many of these have proven to be good. He has however had to cope with most of these new signings being resigned to the injury table which was his first issue.

His second issue as noted by former West Ham star Julian Dicks is that the players are the ones who should shoulder the blame for recent performances. Bar the exception of maybe Noble, Green and maybe even Cole the team seem to have lost the West Ham pride and fight that used to get us through, despite never having much cash flow. The club seems to have lost the player pride to play for the club with only Mark Noble being an obvious player who is proud to step on to the picture in the club’s claret and blue. Also Carlton Cole, a player none of us would have rated at the beginning of the season, has through other’s injuries, had the chance to prove himself and that is exactly what he has done, he has put the work in and shown what he can do. 

Most notably it seems the problem lies with players like Ljungberg who do not really care whether we win or lose and just seem to be going through the motions each week. Also Ashton, despite the clubs loyalty and getting him through his recent injuries, I feel that each week he is looking for his next club and does not want to stay at Upton Park. Until you move to your next club you should fight like it’s your last in every game. 

So yes some blame can lie at Curbishley’s door but the main blame is with the players who are on the pitch each week and just not performing, don’t call for the manager’s head call for some of the players to get off their backsides and earn their wages!


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