Tech ‘No’ Savvy

As a supposed stereotypical modern man I am a big fan of gadgets and I am often an early adopter of new technology. However it still amazes me the way products get hyped up by corporations to the point that people queue for days, camping out on London streets for the latest boy toy. Whilst I am the first to admit I love to get a new gadget, I would never want to get it on the day of release. For starters the price you pay on day one will fall drastically within the first couple of months after the hype has died down. Secondly the people buying the first generation of a product will be the ones who experience all the bugs and glitches not picked up in system tests. Give the product just a couple of months of public use and the company will often produce a new and improved version at a reduced cost or at least a software upgrade.

For example the much hyped iPhone, this is a gadget that despite its obvious appeals of such a great touch screen and functions I have not felt any desire to buy. This is fairly unusual for me but the reason for my lack of desire is that I already have a phone and I already have an ipod so why combine the two. The iPhone also is in comparison to many phones low spec in some areas, the main one being it is not 3G. Yes the phone is Wifi and as they say you can browse the internet in any Wifi zones but is it me or when I want to access the internet I want to do it on the go and not have to spend ages registering with a local Wifi zone and pay extortionate rates just to access my usual sites. I must admit the browser is very good and the overall appearance of the phone is amazing but is it really worth queuing up for hours in London and paying such a large price and tariff? As announced at the recent Apple yearly show they have made some improvements already, which to their credit is just a case of a simple download but the new features include multiple person texting. I was astounded that this wasn’t a preset part of the initial software program but no Steve Jobs made the announcement as if it was a new piece of amazing technology! The PS3 also suffered from early buyers syndrome where a software update was needed to correct quite a few initial teething problems. Windows Vista is also a prime example of why you should be patient. Many people found numerous issues including the crippling fact that until their hardware provider produced updated drivers for items such as printers and iPods they became useless for a few months on their new operating system.

My advice is save yourself some money and inconvenience, resist buying the shiny new ‘excuse for someone to mug you’ gadget and wait just a couple of months for a device that is cheaper and better than the original.


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